The pages have been updated today. There is new information about the history of this blog as well as new lists. A short one (a good place to start) and a long one.


Horror of Horrors!

Powers of Horror: an Essay on Abjection is a 1982 book by Julia Kristeva.

Kristeva invokes Freud and Lacan. I haven’t found it available for free yet, unless you count bit torrent types of sites, but if you want it from there you will have to search for it on your own.

Her ideas do come up quite a bit, so it is probably one of the ones that is worth a read and some further study.

I have no idea what category this fits with since I have not read this article. It does turn up many times and is oft referred to as “seminal”. Hmm.

The whole article is online at Scribd: www.scribd.com

Nicolas Bourriaud

New to thinking about art is Nicolas Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics. A portion of which is available in the new book Right About Now, Art and Theory Since the 1990s.

You will probalby have to buy it, but there is a critical review at: artintelligence.net

You can follow that up with an interview at Art in America, Altermodern: A Conversation with Nicolas Bourriaud: www.artinamericamagazine.com

Phenomenology of Perception

Some background on the French philospher, Maurice Merleau-Ponty: http://www.iep.utm.edu

An essay on some of his writing including Phenomenology of Perception: http://plato.stanford.edu/

Still looking for the actual text online.

Another great collection of sources from the University of Colorado (Denver)- a comprehensive list of major thinkers, links to major readings, Wikipedia overviews, and pedagogy- focussed concepts.


Holy smokes- someone got carried away (in a good way).

Someone at the University of Colorado (Denver) has made a definitive list of all the sources, theories, sub-categories, and people associated with semiotics.  Arty types might want to scroll down for the “pictorial semiotics,” but the hyperlinks are so plentiful, this seems like one-stop shopping.